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Monster rantings
How can I push these sour, rotting feelings away when they provide the most constant muse? Even if I'm miserable I feel more fluid and outspoken, fixating and inscribing scars with so much detail they are canyons of story,refined and perfected, as they shouldn't be.
For even in the depths of the day job, of social butterflies caught in nets I set them free, leaving to my own devices and half-finished contraptions to remind me what could have been and what may never be completed. In the time where time means nothing, where do you stand?
Though with each night passing of haunted dreams and fortellings of frivolous things, I awake to find I am immortal another day, an abomination staring down nature, but to on edge to actually say, "Hit me with your best shot."
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 1 0
Have you ever thought to ask the world why?
To seek the evolutionary truth to strife?
As we sink into the Earth's depths may we become the unified hum of understanding, giving with us the knowledge from this life.
Within Gaia lies unfiltered absolution, awaiting the time to grow and bare fruit, to share with the children the sweet taste of wisdom, and the comforting of her stories.
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 0 0
Tonight, the world swam in a blur of dull color and laughter.
It sprang smoothly with joy and promise, and you resonated.
I know nothing of what lies in store for what is to come,
I can only hope and pray to whatever listens to thoughts to hear me!
Though I may not have a hand to hold, the one so divine to this,
who sparks my romance and makes every action and thought of her
A lyric, a creative sentenced thought, a double meaning where love lingers
Please let his untold future end not in the beautiful massacres I've been pained
and painted, but perhaps a new dawn, an illumination of a masterpiece, or a new mode,
A reason to chase the dawn and dusk again. For as I now dream again,
Perhaps now I can live again, anew in this start-over,
A phoenix relearning old things, thoughts that love and understanding brings.
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Juggling gemstones
Juggling parading prancing with cautious concentration,
but you are tossed in, a beauty, a gem, a diamond in the rough.
Bedazzled and bespelled by the beauty that facets you.
It all falls down as eyes enthralled gaze like a goon.
Though as you've been filling my fascination,
So do gemstones captivate and call the onlookers,
and soon the juggled gem turns to tossing wolves
end over end, fending on your charms.
Do you feed of the fodder they offer
or is it just the starter, fuel of the fire?
The passion and pain of a magnesium flame,
Bright and lulling, but dangerous and filling?
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 0 0
Wallflower's sting
Behind the prying eyes of flowers growing on walls it lingers,
the venom coursing through these beautiful petals.
You writhe and flourish in beautiful display of prismatic color.
Though venom through phantom hours drains and stabs with stingers.
It pricks the fingertips that pick and stare,
Wilting the hands to swollen hands and withered petals, fading.
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 0 0
Plea bargain
I call for your companies, patrons, tug me by the strings
feel my heart thrive at your bounties, hanging so serene.
I seek you in silence, and surpass the self to your workings.
I wish to lay on my laurels and lament my wrongs to my dieties supreme
and mighty absolution.
I broke your bonds of morality, mingling in the wrong,
and for which I've earned the punishment sought fit.
Though I wish to plead for your mercy, in lyric or song.
I have regained resolve, and follow you with passions lit
in hopes to regain your favor.
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 0 0
Twilight Sentinels
We stand tall as pillars and sturdy as mountains
casting no shadows within the darkness.
Here along the perimeter  we gaze upon the purple and grey,
for we are the keepers of daybreak and dusk.
We are the twilight sentinels, with shadows stretching absolute
the sun becomes a spectrum of brilliant radiance
in the dawn and dusk skies.
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 1 2
The Muses Creed
Bring to me, muse, the mightiest of your inspiration.
Drive me to the extremes of pleasure, pain, love, and sorrow.
The purest of feelings mixed with divinitive madness.
Give me this and for you I will produce for you the vibrant emotions that will be felt through words and melodies in your name.
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 0 0
'immortal' vanity
Look now upon your self-portrait
Such is our beauty we façade and flaunt our prides and precious triumphs big and small.
Precious jewels of memories encrusted on tiara's and crowns resting with laurels wilting and horribly beautiful.
Such senseless treasures to all but you who fashion them to a shimmering shine.
Dawn now brings the new light and brings so brightly that you splendor
Dancing about and babble and spend your beauty while it flows and grows
Warmth swelling and making immortals till proven wrong
The sky obscured with the scent of fluid misfortune to those against her drains loosely your loony limitations, such that love swells and even death fears your phantasmal delusions.
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 0 0
Wallowing in this vacant self pity
asking redundant questions to which I know the answers to
Only broken and half hearted, ranting just to know I'm heard
Yearning to defy myself and direct these concerns at you.
But you, may never know,
These dreams I hold
Truth will be foretold
When these sorrows are shown
Babbling incoherent, inconsistent melodramas
to melodies, with these progressive depressing provisions
Staring wide-eyes and vacant
expecting the solutions to my anxieties from you and these pages I write on
But you, may never know,
These dreams I hold
Truth will be foretold
When these sorrows are shown
Failing are my frail attempts to try and compose myself
these corrosive verses these locks that hold all this shit
inside and away from where it can do the most damage
I feel, to you, it would only kill what I am trying to save
So I will go down with this ship if I can help it
If it can be helped at all..
You, may never know,
These dreams I hold
Truth will be foretold
When this confe
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 2 0
The Curing Infestor
Once again you find yourself here,
In the assail of my shambled heart.
Messing with the already tampered emotions I wage war with
The irrevocable disdain you make of me is remarkable, you.
Right. On. The. Dot. It never fails.
Finding here you in my solidarity of this couch,
as the hour strikes first, you strike the second
With little to resist, I am no force to be reckoned .
The curing of which I cannot seem to attain,
Each visit of you parasitic brings forth nothing.
My only recourse to your onslaught is this
This transposition of my downfall you inch.
Worming deeper now into this place I cherish,
Infesting me with,
Your cancerous infection,
this malignant crippler,
Get me while I'm vulnerable
And smashing in my face with you,
Crusher of all that remains of me
(At least al that I believe is me)
Are you happy with yourself?
Do you not feel remorse for your defiling, defiler?
Or is this just your way of fun?
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 0 0
Phantasmic Delirium.
Nostalgia carved in these line of melancholy terror,
Finding the disdain in reservoirs in underground catacombs
made for the burial of simple treasures.
These eyes glued open and expressing frail effervescence,
pleasantries sojourn and miniscule once that weighted hour arrives,
forcibly relinquishing this dolor delirium.
Consuming any last shred of decent hope, this gluttonous monster feeds in nocturne,
this vexed monstrosity taking now it's vengeance upon the tamer.
Facing now the consequences of this crooked and tricked road.
To give some time to the goddess I feel victimized,
for but a time of numbed serene.
Is this the price I must pay for the alleviation I so crave,
or is this just another phantasm I have faith in?
Am I just making these lacerations all the worse with my nitpicking?
My time make a fool of me yet..
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 1 0
Delirious Divinations
I am sick and as such I am hopelessly so,
Spellbound and awe-struck I've fallen head to toe
Juxtaposed to the romantic Ideal's I believe
Romantic, and hopeless, my hearts out to steal
Corrupted by the gods goddess, she taints my way
Eros stealing hearts with precision in his eyes
Divinations cast into the deliriums that cloud and last
Aphrodite's murmurs paint  the orders I'll obey
Contorted and constricted, lost in truth and lies
Succumb to you the succubus in my mind,
Sidhe devil's twisting and blurring visions
Controlled, but untamed, intrinsically broken
Drowning in confusion, shattered with indecision
Secreting lucidity and suffocating in this bind
In pieces of madness shine the simplest of serenities
Clarity a shimmer in a mirror she wields.
Unrefined and chaotic, so simple and misguided
Ingrained in the thoughts that rise to the surface to feel
Give me a change for all my amends and amenities
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 0 2
Break down this subtlety arranged in solid bricks
Without cement I rest my laurels on its balance
Scream out at my own shallow defenses
Self-sabotage and break down myself
Collapsed these walls haphazardly strung
Drowning in this sea of self-suffering
Broken down and short circuiting my dear,
Malfunctioning and shutting down inside
Struggling and combating all I fear
But what I know, I know so clear
Hanging here I shatter slowly
Piece by piece I break away.
Struggling with my own agony
In the horror this sinister beauty lies
Juxtaposed with all of these laments
A murder suicide all in one!
Just listen to me and my static
Please listen to the white noise
It would be the divine spark
To bring back the life I'm losing
Just. Please. Listen.
Invade. With. Compassion.
Break. This. Error.
Broken down and short circuiting my dear,
Malfunctioning and shutting down inside
Struggling and combating all I fear
But what I know, I know so clear
Broken down and short circuiting in here,
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 0 0
Once more lured back into the suggestions of this twisted sadness
resisting the pull on these broken strings that retain
bound to the curse branded on the love that I possess
Gripping to the weapons to defend against you, advocate to the madness
Bring me your worst...
     (Give me the worst...)
I fend off your best.
     (I'll give into the rest)
I'm killing my fears,
    (but their damage has adhered)
Locked in my chest.
    (This is my test.)
Facing now your inner monsters,
crawling just past your eyes
They are the ultimate killers
they are where your evil lies.
Swallowed into the siren's song
Topsy-turvy  are your emotions now.
hypnotized into the sorrows played,
mesmerized into the creatures trap.
"Tempted now into this madness boy,
break to my malice, taking your joy
succumb now to this malevolence.
The rape of your sanity takes but only a moment,
this second being all I need,
to c
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 0 0
Old Friend
Hello again, my dear old friend,
You've barged right through my door.
I'm done with you, I'll see this though,
You won't be back for more.
I promise you, these words ring true,
These games are getting far to old.
I've had with this bag of tricks
This passion has just run cold.
Sick and tired of your puppet strings,
So worn with all the little things
Again, I'll say it "the shit this brings
Isn't fun for anyone."
Get out, leave now
I'm through with this
Stay back, or else
I don't want one last kiss
You whore
You've all I have and more.
To say, again, this is end
Although, I'll say I learned to mend
The wounds you made over these years
Have pushed to now face my fears
Though the time for you has come
To leave me now you annoying scum
I'm moving now to my own rhythm
Manipulation's not my trend.
Sick and tired of your puppet strings,
So worn with all the little things
Again, I'll say it "the shit this brings
Isn't fun for anyone."
Get out, leave now
I'm through with this
Stay back, or else
:icontakkun-hime:Takkun-hime 0 3


  • Listening to: Math class
  • Reading: numbers
  • Watching: Teacher teach
  • Playing: the waiting game
  • Eating: Parfait
  • Drinking: Snapple Peach Tes
Lately I have been really brought down by life recently. I've been blindingly ignoring it, being optimistic, and coping with it.. though I haven't confronted it because I'm pretty sure it will only cause problems. I hate how much I care for people and get attached. I feel confined by anothers manipulative feelings and therefore need to do everything in 'secret'  as far is whenever I get feelings for someone else.

In such a case the person I am getting attached to I am unsure of their intentions compared to mine, so I have become somewhat reserved with my feelings.. or at least in expressing them. I'm afraid to show them because I think it would push her away.

So I write this in plain sight. If you read it well then you know a little bit on what's on my mind, talk to me privately

Fun fact number 833: Children have more taste buds than adults.


Current Residence: Woodlands
Favourite genre of music: Various
MP3 player of choice: Any music device
Skin of choice: My own
Favourite cartoon character: Mudkip
Personal Quote: Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional


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